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The World Mind Magazine offers American University undergraduates immense opportunity to both improve their analytical capabilities and share their work with the world. 

Our team is comprised of committed and passionate Staff Writers and Contributing Editors, led by an Executive Editor who is assisted by a board of a Managing Editor, Marketing Director, Outreach Editor, and Design Editor. 

We publish two issues every academic semester. Staff Writers are expected to author at least one article per issue, whereas Contributing Editors are expected to produce an article and edit 1-3 articles per cycle.

One of the greatest priorities for the World Mind Magazine is to diversify its content and bring in dynamic content every issue. We invite you to apply to write with us, as a Staff Writer or Contributing Editor. 


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The World Mind prefers students that can write for our publication while maintaining a healthy G.P.A.
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The World Mind publishes articles in both regional columns and subject area columns, please select the column you wish to write for.